Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my Blog.

I started this Blog as a method of being able to supply woodworking information and inspiration globally to the public for free.

Over the years I have had numerous requests to post information regarding my teaching activities as well as any information that I can share about the art pieces I make.   As I work and time permits, I take step by step photos of projects that interest me and may be of interest to others.

Some of you may or may not know that I hosted 91 episodes of a TV program titled Woodworks which debuted on HGTV and the DIY Networks back in 2001. The show won critical acclaim and was soon syndicated to the “How To” channel in Australia where it aired on DIY and the How To channel for six years.

In 2012, I was finally successful at purchasing a license to be the exclusive distributor of Woodworks in DVD and Digital Download format.  Digital Downloads and full Season DVDs of WoodWorks are available for sale in my estore.  Each episode of WoodWorks contains step by step instructions for building contemporary studio furniture that I designed specifically for the show, in addition to countless woodworking tips & techniques.

If you find this information helpful and you would like to support my efforts to continue adding more detailed information on some of the more advanced methods of woodworking, you can help to maintain this site advertisement free by going to my eStore and purchasing any one of my educational DVDs for your own personal resource library.

Please feel free to view and share any content on my site.  Stay as long as you like and your comments are welcome.   I will try to answer comments when possible.

Thank you for your interest  in woodworking,

David J. Marks

8 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

    • Thanks brother, by the way, there is an extra hi in front of your name. Since I’m new to blogging, I’ll have to see if I can correct it. More cool stuff to post next week.

  1. David I want to thank you for imparting your many talents through many formats. Having had the pleasure of taking a class by you was a real inspiration. Look forward to seeing you again.

    • Hey Sal, good to hear from you. Learning computer software has been a long learning curve for me. The truth is that I really enjoy it, it just takes quite a bit of time. I’ll be posting some interesting stories about Olive wood over the course of the next 3 to 4 weeks. Stay tuned.

  2. David, I want to thank you for all you’ve done to assist others in the art of woodworking. I’ve incorporated so many of your instructions into my work, it’s hard to keep track. I make unique items of furniture, donate them to our local nursing home to raffle for fundraising for the residents’ activities. They’ve been able to make thousands of dollars to improve the quality of life for these well-deserving people. Thanks for all the inspiration and great ideas on how to bend wood by laminating, resawing, grain matching techniques, and countless other tips you’ve given on your show. My wife gave me two DVDs of your shows for my birthday. Love watching them over and over. Thanks again!

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